Talent & Territory​

Science and Technology Parks are created in their territories to provide the best location, facilities and environment for the new types of companies that the global knowledge economy has brought to life: companies who have innovation, technology, research and a constant use and application of knowledge and creativity in their DNA. 

Knowledge and technology are created and developed by individuals working within systems, networks, and organisations. Knowledge has become the greatest asset for companies that want to compete in the global market, overtaking the preeminent role that machines, big facilities and a large but less-educated workforce had in the classic industrial economy. The role of educated and skilled individuals has become more important than ever before. Talent, skills and personal creativity, which are features conductive to knowledge and its transformation into products, services and a new business culture, have become the main asset for companies, but also for society in general. 

At this conference, we want to gain deeper knowledge of new trends in talent management: What are the strategic implications of adopting a human-centred philosophy? How does bearing individuals in mind as well as companies influence our design of Science and Technology Park guidelines? How innovation is the key factor for PCTs to adapt to the future and to succeed in this uncertain and changeable reality?